I was compelled to write and Thank-You so very much for the outstanding assistance you gave me. 

   Without realizing it I'd placed an order for custom van floor mats only 9 days before I needed them.  And, to top it off I ordered something out of stock.  Now I am not usually a demanding person but I really needed these for the new van before several family members were to take a rather long ride. (My daughter was Graduating from College.)  We had to transport 15 family members in both our vans.  I had to laugh because when they saw the new van (it was a supprise) no-one wanted to ride in it.  It was raining very heavily last Saturday and no one wanted to be responsible for leaving dirt on the carpet.  I flung open the side doors and reassured everyone that the carpets were perfectly safe.  Now, for this long, rainy trip I did not expect to spend the majority of my time talking about how beautiful & well made the floor mats are, but much to my supprise I did. 

   I was asked to pass along several "Thank-You's" and compliments for such a job well done! If only more Companies could read past the rules "written in granite." 

Again THANK YOU so much for everything!

Loretta & Mike Tikalsky